Easy Tahini Recipe

Tahini. It’s what makes the hummus. And when I make hummus, I usually start by lightly roasting a cup of sesame seeds to make the tahini first. The roasting is optional, but I think it enhances the flavor. Also, while the seeds are cooling, I prep the rest of the humus ingredients so that everything…
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Home Made Hummus – My Basic Recipe

I generally assume the internet is just wrong, and I like to experiment. And I REALLY don’t like all those weird names in the ingredients of things I buy in the store. So I . . . Generally, I’ll make up a batch of tahini immediately before the hummus so only have to drag my monster…
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So I Got A Cuisinart

Things got out of hand a few months back when I decided to try making my own humus. With a Magic Bullet. Trust, don’t try it. Nothing against Magic Bullet, I’m sure they’re good for something, but I seem to be kind of rough on them.

I Like To Make Food

Cooking, baking, grilling, sometimes even growing it, I like to make food. I have found however, that to make good food, it helps to know how stuff works. Knowing the chemistry and mechanics of yeast in bread dough opens up a world of opportunities. Understanding how baking soda and baking powder react differently with buttermilk…
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