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Not that we’re experts or anything, but we like to know how stuff works. From the blinker fluid in your car to the yeast in bread, even life itself, we’ll figure it out
and share it with you.


But sometimes, you just need a little magic to get things sorted out, so when all else fails, we’ll get out the magic wand.

Latest Articles

Easy Tahini Recipe

Tahini. It’s what makes the hummus. And when I make hummus, I usually start by lightly roasting a cup of sesame seeds to make the tahini first. The roasting is[…]

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Home Made Hummus – My Basic Recipe

I generally assume the internet is just wrong, and I like to experiment. And I REALLY don’t like all those weird names in the ingredients of things I buy in the[…]

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So I Got A Cuisinart

Things got out of hand a few months back when I decided to try making my own humus. With a Magic Bullet. Trust, don’t try it. Nothing against Magic Bullet,[…]

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